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  What is a Co-Parenting facilitator?

  What we do        Why we do it       How we do it




  What is a Co-Parenting Facilitator?
A Co-Parenting Facilitator acts as a “go-between” to help divorced parents make decisions and modifications to their regular schedules, which serve their children's best interests, without being in direct contact with one another.

  What we do
We step in between parents to communicate effectively where they are otherwise unable to do so, which brings a sense of control to otherwise out of control interactions.

When agreements or arrangements are made through a Co-Parenting Facilitator, no messages need to be sent through your children and you don’t have to deal directly with your ex.

Your children are allowed to enjoy the innocence of childhood and the guilt-free relationships that they are entitled to have with both parents.

  Why we do it
Children deserve to remain as innocent as possible. They deserve to stay out of financial discussions, custody battles, visitation changes or any of the other logistical issues that come out of their parents being divorced.

You don’t have to like your ex – but your children deserve to have an open, warm and loving relationship with both of their parents.

Anger, resentment and vengeful thinking are normal. When things aren’t fair in your eyes, when someone isn’t doing what you think they should in a given situation, it is natural to want to punish them. Normal and natural don't mean right.

Sometimes people act without realizing that they are hurting their children.

That is why we are here.

  How we do it
Do you feel anxious before you call your ex? Nervous that the slightest thing could lead to an outburst?

With S.P.E.A.K., you don’t have to worry anymore – Just call us. We will call your ex and work things out.

Your S.P.E.A.K. facilitator is available to deal directly with you and your ex-spouse in matters dealing with the children and other agreements made between the two of you.